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Web 2.0 technologies - Any type of website that is interactive. Some examples are a blog, a wiki or even an interactive online game. The web is a visual environment and web 2.0 allows these images to become part of the learning experience in a creative and collaborative way.

Here is a table demonstrating the differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 technologies:

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An increasing number of these technologies can now be accessed on mobile phones allowing data to be easily shared between devices. Accessibility to these programmes has increased, most pupils and teachers have internet access outside of school, work and practice can therefore be interconnected.

Story Bird- Allows you to write an art inspired story using the illustrations of famous authors. You can collaborate with other authors (other children in the class) or create it individually. Each child can have their own account- all tied to the teachers. Story Bird has fantastic potential for EAL, here is a wiki based on MFL, containing stories in 4 different languages. http://storybird.ning.com/ is a place where teachers can share their stories, there is also guidance on how best to use it in the class.

MeeGenius- An online library of picture books for young children. The online library contains mostly fairy tales. The books can be read independently, or there is an option for them to be read aloud. Using the read aloud option you can pause, highlighting specific teachig points. One particularly exciting element of this website is that you can personalise the stories (espoecially helpful for reluctant readers), this makes the stories more meaningful to the pupils, names and places are easily adapted.

Mindmeister- A web based mind mapping tool.

Here are some of the most used Web 2.0 technologies for the classroom
Edmodo- A social leaning environment and one of the best ways to reach with technology.
Wordpress - A content publishing system.
Blabberize - Make your images talk!
Weebly - Create your own websire or blog.
Audioboo - Easily record and share audio files.
PrimaryPad- Web based work processor.
TimeToast - Create timelines and share them on the web. An interactive way to teach history,
ReadWriteThink - Lots of classroom resources and goodies.
Atmosphir- Build your own video game.

Google Tools- When searching you can adapt the 'search settings' and have you results displayed in a Wonder Wall or a timeline